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Our Group

Hébert & Associates is comprised of 10 Psychologists.  We use a cognitive-behavioural model for most issues, and rely on evidence-based research in selecting the most effective treatment solution.

As a group, we offer psychological services for most issues affecting adults, couples, families and seniors.

Hébert & Associates Clinicians

Dr. Gilles Hébert, C. Psych. Extension 223
Dr. Alison Welsted, C. Psych. Extension 225
Dr. Lorraine Overduin, C. Psych. Extension 226
Dr. Adam Heenan, C. Psych. Extension 232
Dr. Carole Lamarche, C. Psych. Extension 224
Dr. Catherine Sabourin, C. Psych. Extension 228
Dr. Daniella Sandre, C. Psych. Extension 229
Dr. Lisa Carswell, C. Psych. Extension 231
Dr. John Kowal, C. Psych. Extension 227
Career Opportunities

If you are an experienced professional who is interested in a career opportunity with Hébert & Associates, please contact Dr. Gilles Hébert who would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

Our Location

203 MacLaren Street
Ottawa, ON, K2P 0L4

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